The very important element to ensure satisfaction of clients and the success of operations are the lamps. In our assortment you will find products of such brands as: HERAEUS (HANAU), COSMEDICO, Dr MÜLLER and the latest product in the market - German lamps prestige

The detailed list of lamps in offer you will find in our ONLINE SHOP.

The top quality PRESTIGE lamps operate with in accordance to the Intelligent Tanning System (ISO). Having brought it in the market we wanted to meet the expectations and the needs both of the salons' owners and users of tanning equipment.

  • Innovative technology of phosphorus accumulationPower Technology)
  • Angular electrode (HX)
  • Hi-tech electrode's cooling system (Cooling system)
  • "open glass" technology - larger UV rays' output
    Lamp's price include:
  • GRATIS travel to the costumerGRATIS !!!
  • GRATIS lamps' replacement GRATIS !!!
  • GRATIS lamp's cleaning GRATIS !!!
  • GRATIS lamp's collecting for utilisation GRATIS !!!

PRESTIGE lamps, due to the used technology and excellent components, guarantee lasting and safe tan, that is needed by tanning salon's customers. Using PRESTIGE lamps enables to grow prestige and standard of the salon and distinguish it in the market therefore allows invite plenty of clients who look for innovative and save way of tanning. While buying PRESTIGE lamps we deliver professional advise and marketing support for our clients to stand out in the tanning market by using new technology lamps in their equipment.

To acquire more information about assortment of tanning lamp products and the marketing support programme please contact with our advisor tel. 0048 12 264 97 00, mobile 0 602 49 57 37 or fill in the form below.

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