Saunas for ages have been contributing for our good mood, eliminate stress accumulated in ourselves and have a significant beneficial influence on our immune system. Nowadays, when tempo of our live increase rapidly, and time for relax is limited- the treatment in sauna can help deal with civilization  tiredness and help to get rid of toxin out of our bodies. A visit in sauna becomes indispensable and one should regard it as, proven from ages, way to calm down, relax and quieten your mind.

Solarex will build your dream sauna.

In our operations we meet many years of tradition with innovative solutions – to keep the top standards of execution.

You can order an individual design and atypical size of your sauna. We are able to build and equip with the latest technical solutions for every type of sauna that we produce, both traditional Finnish saunas (dry and steam) and infrared saunas (infrared rays).
We are able to deal with the highest demands of our customers.
We can improve every sauna that one can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, music therapy and colourtherapy.

All our products you will find in our on-line shop or please contact our Sales Department tel. 0048 12 267 03 44. 

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